• Hittin’ the Links

    4 years ago by

    As the week draws to a close, here's a look at a few of the things that captured our attention:

    • Rap Radar's got a new one from Queens rapper N.O.R.E. featuring the inimitable Pusha T & Meek Mill.

    The Villager brings us more bad news regarding the east 13th St. 'rape cops' -- apparently they're letting them get away with yet another crime.

    • We found this fitting tribute to poet and downtown fixture Samuel Menashe in The New York Times well worth another read.

    "There are a billion people in the world who will never connect to electricity." -- Words from an inspiring TED talk about potential solutions to the global clean water crisis -- which affects nearly half the entire world -- given by social entrepreneur Paul Polak.

    The Kimchi taco truck and its 3 tacos for $7 deal really hit the mark and, in what might just have been a case of good timing, the turnaround on the orders is astonishingly quick.

    • Lastly, a nod to the true reason for the internet's endless popularity: here's a Teddy Bear Hamster eating pizza.

  • Save Heathers!

    4 years ago by

    Heathers Bar in the East Village is a place we here at Take the Handle love unconditionally. We've been going there for years, have thrown events there, and even logged some time working there. Now Community Board 3 is looking to close it down. Why? Because a select few East Village residents -- yes, they knowingly choose to live in the insane asylum of nightlife that is the East Village -- want to shutter a flourishing local business over a batch of chatty smokers. Yes, really. read more

  • Five Easy Yarises

    4 years ago by

    At 9 AM last Wednesday morning, I found myself sitting in a Culver City art gallery, socializing with a group of journalists over quiche and fruit salad. They represented outlets like Automobile magazine and, and were swapping stories of tearing up the autobahn in electric roadsters and driving back from Detroit in heavy blizzards. What was I doing there? read more

  • Corner by Corner: Park Avenue & 42nd Street

    4 years ago by

    I’ll admit, I sometimes too feel like the world’s a cold and forlorn place, closed off, unrecommendable, with nothing beyond the most pedestrian or sallow gifts to offer—and then the weary, fetid soul: that oft befuddled, tired soul, no mystery so much as an incessant and repetitious recurrence.

    Most of the time I’m feeling pretty good though. read more

  • Long Live the Deadskins

    4 years ago by

    I have been a fan of the Washington Redskins for as long as I can remember. This was not a conscious choice, of course, not a decision I made after analyzing the players and coaching strategies of every NFL team before concluding that, yes, the Skins’ approach to the game was the one that excited me the most. I am a Skins fan because I happened to be born in Washington D.C., and so rooting for the Skins was more or less encoded in my DNA: a pre-programmed part of my personality that was simply easier to embrace than to reject. And so it goes for most sports fans. We love teams much the same way we love our parents, which is to say we love them illogically, unconditionally, eternally. We love teams when they treat us well. And, God help us, we love teams when they treat us like shit. read more

  • Hacker Typer Makes You Look like the Hacker Type

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    Even though the iPad has been out for 18 months I still occasionally find myself sitting in a rural airport or cattle auction where its glossy coating and lack of clear purpose draws stares from the locals. I've found that nothing is better at confirming their view of me as an over-teched outsider than firing up the app "Hacker Typer." read more