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Pictures from Inaugural Bermuda Triangle Show

[caps]B[/caps]ack on the Thursday before Thanksgiving Take the Handle attended the first ever Bermuda Triangle show at Cakeshop. Also on the bill were Daniel Isaiah Schachter, Aerial East, and Sea Oleena. It was a fine evening of melodic tunes and friendship. Here are a few pictures we snapped in case you missed it. (more…)

Rupert Murdoch to Launch iPad-only “Newspaper”

[caps]A[/caps]s indie rag The New York Times reported over the weekend, Rupert Murdoch is currently working on The Daily, an iPad-only periodical slated to debut sometime next year.

Rare Mannequin Men Demos from Ace Frehley

[caps]O[/caps]ur friend Kevin’s blog Ace Frehley For President started posting some rare Mannequin Men Demos on Soundcloud and they’re worth a listen. You may remember their haunting anthem “(Who Is) Alice Golden” from our Mysteries Issue Flexi-Single.

Video: Terrordactyls Featuring John Sharnhorst

[caps]O[/caps]ur favorite Monte Carlo recluse/bachelor John Sharnhorst has gone and made himself a music video in response to a question he received from a band called the Terrordactyls. Does this mean everyone who writes him a letter gets their own music video? Watch out Kanye, Sharnhorst has some Dark Twisted Fantasies of his own…

Video Premiere:
Bermuda Triangle’s “The Birds of Fall”

[caps]T[/caps]oday we’ve got a new video from Brooklyn’s Bermuda Triangle in honor of their upcoming show at Cake Shop on Thursday 11/18. This addictively sad song is off their debut LP One Year in How Many and features the musician BC Smith framed against flickering images of two of the most poignant amateur dancers to ever hit 1980’s VHS. Directed by TTH editor Alex Reeves.

Finally Another Rager at Capri Social Club

[caps]T[\caps]TH Contributor and good pal Dan Fetherston and his band Mcdonalds are throwing a major rager and rock show at the best bar in Greenpoint, the Capri Social Club on Saturday. A lot of TTH memories from this place: It was the site of our Mysteries Issue party, location for Rampant Sipping #6 “Love Potions of the Fickle”, birth of the The Cashew God Trilogy, not to mention the location for the dry humping scene in the Wackness.

Pleasuredome: Best Band Name in History?

[caps]M[/caps]ankind’s search for the best band name has finally come to a rigid halt. A hard rock cover band from Burlington Vermont has claimed the title of “Best Band Name” with the name “PLEASUREDOME” inspired by another great historic rocker, Mr. Van Halen himself. “I’ve been sitting on this name for about ten years…and I’m very excited about it,” said Pleasuredome drummer Joe Villemaire.

Review: Insane Bathroom Lines Plague Black Lips Show at the “Stank”

[caps]A[/caps] few brave TTH correspondents attended the “secret” 2am Black Lips show at the Shank in Williamsburg on Saturday night and let’s just say we’re not eager to be returning to that venue anytime soon. The entire experience was defined by a dangerous lack of bathrooms: four or five hundred attendees were limited to two port-a-pottys next to the bar. The line stretched around the entire venue with people waiting over 90 minutes to use the toilet.

Herzog on his Cave of Forgotten Dreams
“A film like this absolutely must be in 3D”

[caps]T[/caps]his is the sort of event that sold out before I was even born- but I would have given my third testicle for tickets to Wednesday night’s screening of Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Herzog’s 3D Documentary of the Chauvet caves of southern France. The film screened as a part of the DOC NYC Festival and Herzog was on hand to introduce it.

Tunes for Your Halloween Hangover via
Doom & Gloom From the Tomb

[caps]I[/caps]n the post-Halloween haze that is this Monday, we once again turn to Tyler Wilcox’s endlessly helpful music/archival bootleg blog Doom & Gloom From the Tomb to provide the soundtrack here at the TTH offices.

Pics: Rebuilding Hope Screening Was A Success

[caps]T[/caps]hanks to everyone who came out to the Rebuilding Hope Fundraiser Screening co-hosted by Take the Handle last night. The screening was well attended and the Q & A with Abraham Awolich was pretty lively .Thanks to PS122 for the space and SUDEF for the fine wine and cheese spread. (more…)

Don’t Miss Rebuilding Hope Screening Tonight

[caps]W[/caps]e hope everyone is planning on coming out for the REBUILDING HOPE screening Thursday night at PS122 in the East Village. The film has not played in mainstream theaters but it has received a lot of praise on the festival circuits and from prominent authors.

Indie Press Crush Night Hits Brookyn Tonight

[caps]S[/caps]ome TTH Contributors and friends are reading tonight at WORD books in Greenpoint. “Two of the most dynamic, attractive, and funny small presses have decided to make a public display of their affections for one another. Featherproof Books, based in Chicago, and Two Dollar Radio, in New York, have been carrying on a long distance love affair for years. Watch the sparks fly when they meet up in Manhattan for a night on the town. Emptying the contents of their hearts, along with their latest books, will be Lindsay Hunter, Amelia Gray, and Christian TeBordo, standing on featherproof’s side, while Grace Krilanovich holds it down for Two Dollar Radio. A night of extreme reading, big crushes, and doe eyes, this is one meeting of the minds not to be missed! It’s going down at WORD, 126 Franklin Street, Brooklyn.”

More info at Featherproof Books.

Take the Handle CMJ Party Photos Have Arrived

[caps]C[/caps]heck out pictures of the Take the Handle CMJ Party we held last Friday at PS122 in the East Village. Thanks to Caveman, Mon Khmer, & Steel Phantoms for 3 amazing sets. Big thanks to to Nick at Derek at PS122 and Rachel, Robbie and Matt for bartending. (more…)

Fundraiser for Sudan Development Foundation,
Screening of Rebuilding Hope

[caps]T[/caps]his Thursday Take the Handle will be co-hosting another great event at PS122: a fundraiser for The Sudan Development Foundation, a non-profit working to end the cycle of poverty and dependence and create lasting peace in Sudan. (more…)