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A Great Holiday, Overlooked: 1-2-12

Dear Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Cuomo, President Obama, et al:

I was born in this fair city nearly thirty-two years ago. Since that day, a number of new jack area codes have popped up — 917, 646, and 347, to name a few — but one has always loomed large as the Big Apple’s undeniable three-digit identity: 212.

Manhattan has always been seen not only as the grand borough and epicenter of this great city, but as the main nerve of our country and, if I may, the world. What better proof of that is necessary than the very reason it was assigned the area code 212, one of the originals assigned in 1947: it was the easiest to dial quickly on a rotary phone.

People have always wanted to get us on the line. After all, contrary to the occasional naysayers, New York is a very welcoming place. That said, I will also happily admit it is home to many secrets and wonderful insider-type vibes. I can’t think of a date that represents both classic New York and insider New York simultaneously better than 1-2-12, aka 1212. For these reasons, and many more, I propose that we recognize January 2, 2012, as Manhattan Day.

I’ll publicly give downtown LA the heads-up and the OK to take 1-2-13 for their own special holiday, but let’s make sure we New Yorkers do not forget the magic that was 1-2-12. Anyone who had the pleasure of conducting a conversation on a Manhattan-based landline today surely felt the gravity of that moment, the power of this context. The sentiments shared must’ve been grand; all participating conversationalists must have felt in their hands the sharp tingle of pride emanating from the very phones they were holding. Today, one special Monday gracefully molted out of its old, worn, day-of-drudgery skin, and into a gorgeous, new, yet classically-influenced 212 bod. TGIM.

Till January 7th, 2018…


Stefan Marolachakis

Editor, Take the Handle

New York, NY