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Choose Your Own Badvoovie

[caps]W[/caps]hile other apps aim for a global market, this series of apps are an advertisement for “Sacramento’s best Moroccan restaurant”, a joint called Marrakech. The name Advoovie is an awkward combination of the words “adventure” and “movie” so called because users watch short movies then choose from three options to direct where the adventure should go next. As you’ll see from the trailer below, the whole production feels like a local late night infomercial that somehow manages to make everything look unappealing: the contestants, the restaurant, the app, even the iPhone they use for a demonstration looks like it got dropped in the Matrozza.

Besides being an ad for a depressing restaurant in Sacramento, Advoovie Marrakech is also a dating show of sorts. Each $1.99 app allows you to choose-your-own adventure for one character on a double date (3 of the 4 have been released so far). An example dating “adventure” starts like this:
[quotes]Matt: So how was your day?
Jessica: It was okay. I got some stuff done that I needed to do, talked to my mom. How was yours?
Matt: It was good. Pretty busy day though. I was actually surprised I was able to get everything done and be able to make it here tonight. If I had to stay late, that would have been terrible.
Jessica: Yeah that would be terrible.

Matt: You know what’d be worse?
Jessica: what’s that?
Matt: You know what’s terrible?
Jessica: What’s that?
Matt: More terrible than a pig stuck on a fence?
Jessica: Uhhh…I dunno.
Matt: Two pigs stuck on a fence! (laughs) Get it?![/quotes]

Now it’s Advoovie choice time for Jessica, does she:
A) Roll Eyes
B) Tell Matt that was a corny joke
C) Pretend to laugh at the corny joke

After five choices like this Matt evaluates whether date Jessica again. Honestly it’s quite a bit of fun to make choices for these first-time actors as they stumble through their last-chance dates. At the end I went back and made different selections such as tipping the belly dancer $100 and selecting “manly” entrees to effect different outcomes. Of course it’s always more fun to intentionally choose the wrong options and with this crew nothing could more depressing than the prospect of a second date.

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