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Beware the Horrors of Tape Piracy!

[caps]W[/caps]hile going through my old records, I came across this quirky old sleeve warning consumers of the pirates in their midst.

[quotes]Next time you’re out shopping for records or tapes — watch for pirates. Not the kind with skull and crossbones and rusty cutlasses — watch for music pirates…The modern pirates’ racket is duplicating and selling sound recordings that don’t belong to them, usually as a tape cassette or an eight-track cartridge.[/quotes]
What flowery language! Here we’ve all been fretting about this “new” problem of music theft, and then this pops out of my dusty crate to remind me that it’s simply the same age-old problem resurfacing under the guise of better technology and an improved fire-and-brimstone pitch. Being in a band myself I am well aware of the money no longer being generated from record sales. Everyone has always wanted to get music for free; I guess it’s just an occupational hazard. Seems the salad days of labels making money via record sales were short and sweet. In the meantime, keep an eye out for anyone looking shifty, carrying an armload of tapes, and complaining of scurvy.