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Bienvenue a Hotel Dieu

Shortly after relaunching this website, one of our editors came down with a mysterious illness. Here is the strange tale of what happened back at the end of August…

Riffin’ With Dan McCarthy

In this episode of Riffin’ we steal an interview with Dan McCarthy of McCarthy Trenching and get him chatting about Switzerland, sex, and his dreams of building a combination squash Court/smokehouse. Dan has played with handfuls of Omaha’s best bands including Neva Dinova, The Good Life, and Bright Eyes. Check out McCarthy Trenching’s great new record “Fresh Blood” out on Slumber Party Records.

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MagaScene: a Chat with
Working Class Magazine

[caps]S[/caps]ince 2007 I have found myself eagerly awaiting each new issue of the Brooklyn-based quarterly web and print magazine Working Class. While each installment may revolve around a different theme, they’re all certain to include unique fashion spreads and art features — and with their gathering of store profiles and street interviews, Working Class has succeeded in creating an accurate portrayal of Brooklyn. In their own words, “Working Class represents a community of local artists in New York. With New York as our vibrant – and sometimes brutal – backdrop, Working Class taps the pulse of the art world and discusses why we all stick around.” Editor-in-Chief Marcel Dagenais let me pick his brain on what running his magazine entails.

School of Hard Knox
Officially Out of Session

Upon returning from a trip to Italy during which he gathered information for his Rolling Stone piece on the Amanda Knox trial, TTH contributor Nathaniel Rich was convinced the American studying abroad had played no part in her roommate’s murder. In his reaction to her overturned verdict, Rich points out that while many have maligned Italy’s legal system over the course of this trial, Knox in fact may be quite lucky to have been tried there.

Riffin’ with Jowe Head

We recently caught up with indie rock godfather Jowe Head who was a member of seminal UK indie acts Swell Maps and Television Personalities as well as several great solo projects. His stage name is derived from Birmingham slang for “weirdo” but he’s one of the friendliest talkative gentlemen you could hope to meet as you’ll see in our quick chat about touring, mornings and the afterlife.

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Plimpton, Play-by-Play: A Chat with the Directors of Plimpton!

[caps]I[/caps]f ever there lived a man deserving of the documentary treatment, it’s George Plimpton. Godfather of participatory journalism, founding editor of The Paris Review, and legendary bon vivant, his life begs retelling. So when the time finally arrived for the tale of the legendary raconteur to be committed to celluloid, it inevitably took shape in as pleasantly bizarre a fashion as any Plimpton devotee could hope.

Riffin’ with Shabazz Palaces

[caps]I[/caps]n this installment of Riffin’, we catch up with Shabazz Palaces, who just recently released their album “Black Up” on Sub Pop records. Our bite-sized chat includes Palaceer Lazaro’s account of his favourite memory from his childhood.

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TTH Classic: The Secret of Life with Kumar Pallana

[caps]Y[/caps]ou know him from his scene-stealing roles in Bottle Rocket and The Royal Tenenbaums, but there’s much more to Kumar Pallana. With Kumar’s recent appearance in the new film Another Earth, we thought it would be a good time take a look back at the afternoon TTH Editor Stefan Marolachakis spent basking in the man’s wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and showmanship. Whether he’s spinning plates or performing rope tricks, the man’s an entertainer in the truest sense of the word.

Riffin’ with Blair: The Little Prince, Dressing up as Eddie Vedder

[caps]I[/caps]n this installment of Riffin’ we caught up with Blair on a rooftop in the East Village where she explained the origins of her pop gem “Hello Halo” and remembered her favorite radio station from growing up in New Orleans. You can check out her catchy dream pop jams at Bowery Ballroom tonight with Say Hi and Yellow Ostrich.

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Riffin’ with Delicate Steve: Basketball, Gackman, Wondervision

[caps]I[/caps]n this installment of Riffin’ we caught up with Steve of the heady instrumental band Delicate Steve who was recently on tour with Akron/Family. He opened up about his basketball video Wondervision and a disturbing thing he saw on tour.

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Riffin’ with Yuck: Dan Blumberg on his First Visit to NYC and Memories of Snowmen

[caps]T[/caps]his week on Riffin’ we stole an interview with Dan Blumberg from the new band Yuck, whose stellar self titled album drops this week on Fat Possum records. We caught up with Dan on his first ever visit to NYC, in the middle of a blizzard.

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Riffin’: Tim Kinsella on Steve Albini at Shea Stadium

[caps]T[/caps]his week on Riffin’ we steal an interview with Chicago indie legend and TTH Contributor Tim Kinsella (of Joan of Arc, Make Believe, Owls) outside of “Shea Stadium” in Bushwick last week. Joan of Arc is back in town tomorrow night 2/1/11 headlining Mercury Lounge with Pillars & Tongues, Caithlin De Marrais (of Rainer Maria) and The Last Days.

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Glasser Explains Her Live Audio Schematic

[caps]C[/caps]heck out this cool video from True Panther which explores the “virtual” MIDI instruments used in Glasser’s live audio setup. After the tech-y talk the band busts out the song “Treasury of We.” Shot at the Carriage House in Fort Greene & Directed by Alan Ortiz with TTH Editor Alex Reeves on second camera.