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Debate Party Wrap-Up

Thanks to everyone who came out to Tuesday night’s Debate Party at Capri Social Club! I was a bit worried that a group viewing might involve a lot of booing and one-upping each other’s jokes but aside from nervous laughter and the clinking of mugs, we watched the debate in a rather serious near-silence. When it was over we busted out the tasty baked goods, jukebox tunes and, most importantly, the Obama tip jar, motto: “Give me some dough and I’ll bake you a new country.”

Some of the people who came to the party must hold down regular jobs because we ended up with $508.41 in the Obama jar at night’s end (The “Pennies For Palin” jar got just that, 2 cents). Big thanks go to everyone who donated, to Chris and Lori for planning this, and to Capri Social Club for hosting such a large bunch of troublemakers so graciously.