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Hacker Typer Makes You Look like the Hacker Type

[caps]E[/caps]ven though the iPad has been out for 18 months I still occasionally find myself sitting in a rural airport or cattle auction where its glossy coating and lack of clear purpose draws stares from the locals. I’ve found that nothing is better at confirming their view of me as an over-teched outsider than firing up the app “Hacker Typer.” For .99 cents you too can trick onlookers into thinking you’re a member of Anonymous, or Lulzsec, “Hold those Holsteins for 30 more seconds, I’m almost done hacking into Rupert Murdoch’s Phone.”

Depending on the speed you select, (varies from Grandma, to Intern to Cowboy) every key triggers a string of code which according to Evil Team, the makers of the App, is derived from the “crypto portion of the linux kernel.” And striking the “!” generates a large green box declaring at attack, while the “?” key produces the message “Access Granted.” The App needs a few more progress bars and funny messages about mainframes but for now it still makes an excellent accessory for your Net-era Sandra Bullock Halloween costume. Recommended for the iPad or free web version as screen voyeurism is much less prevalent on the iPhone.