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Color Me Bad: A Look at “ColorTexting”

[caps]F[/caps]or those who enjoy using the funny emoticons and array of text color choices in Gmail’s rich text editor to add a tween-age vibe to their conversations, it can be limiting to return to the iPhone’s native texting app, where all the text is black and the speech bubbles are just green and white. Enter ColorTexting, the new app which promises to let you send texts in color.

However, unlike the Emoji apps which integrate cleverly into the international keyboard of the texting app, ColorTexting is its own separate app which basically asks you to compose a short four line text within a grey box. The interface is not particularly user-friendly either, functioning like a simplified version of HTML and thereby making it enough to confuse your average tween texter. If you can successfully compose a bold, colorful, underlined “text” message, it gets sent out as an MMS (picture text) which will look just like a normal text message on the receiving iPhone. However, when other MMS-capable phones receive your message it looks just like a grey box with words on it, which elicited reactions from test recipients like “Why did you send me this? Looks like 2004” and “Is this a virus?”

The fact that you have to launch a separate app to send colorful texts makes it unlikely that it will get a lot of use. It reminds me of an app called iType2Go which David Pogue named as one of his top 10 Apps of 2010. This is the one that uses your camera to show the street ahead of you while you text so you don’t fall down an open manhole. After you finish typing in the app, you still have to copy and paste your text into the native texting app, a step which makes the whole thing rather useless. Of course, it’s not the developer’s fault that they can’t tap into Apple’s texting app to add colors — Apple doesn’t want color-wielding texters spray painting their walled garden.

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