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I Was Licked by A Zombie

[caps]L[/caps]ike the front aisle of every drug store, Halloween has the app Store brimming with empty calories and useless junk. There are apps to help you choose a costume, count down the days until Halloween, make scary sounds, even test your saliva for too much candy. The most disgusting app I found in my Halloween app hunt is called Zombies Lick My Screen.

As the app advertises, you can choose one of four zombies (Rott Wilder, Pam Demic, Igor Mortis or Candy Cortex) to “lick” photos from library. To accomplish the effect, the app includes a 10 seconds of video each zombie very aggressively licking a panel of glass, which is super imposed over a photo you choose from your library. I found that the best way to trick (lick?) your friends is to take a screen grab of your home screen (press the home button and the power button at the same time), then set up the app on “Stealth mode” (removes settings buttons). When you hand the phone to your friend it will look like an ordinary home screen but when they touch it they will see a video of a Zombie approaching from behind the icons and beginning to “lick” the screen from behind. After several big licks, all the icons will be gone and your friend will be face to face with a nasty zombie. Unfortunately if you touch the screen while this is going on (a natural reaction to such an invasion) the video restarts. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing about this App, the amount of fun the developers had getting dressed up and shooting these “lick pics” or the idea of something so dirty as these zombies entering into your nice clean gadget.

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