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Lovable Badass: Artists on Artest

[caps]C[/caps]ognac, rap music, peanut butter-chocolate cookies, and art. Sounds like the recipe for just another night in Toronto, Canada — well, if you’re honoring the legendary Ron Artest, that is.

Illustrator Steve Manale’s art show celebrating Los Angeles Laker (among other things) Ron Artest seems to have successfully bridged the gap between artists and sports fans by creating an event that both hipsters and hoopsters alike can enjoy. So much, in fact that Ron Artest even blogged about the gala on his website shortly before making an appearance himself!

While Artest may have become somewhat of a household name after jumping into the stands to fight a Pistons fan in 2004, the artists featured in the show highlight more than just Ron Ron’s well-known temper and basketball skills. The variety of pieces emphasizes everything from the eccentricity of Ron’s personality (like applying for a job at Circuit City while playing on the Bulls) to his heart-warming charitable work (such as raffling off his championship ring to raise money for mental health awareness) effectively demonstrating that Ron Artest genuinely is the ideal lovable bad-ass.

Luckily, for those of us that missed it, due to popular demand the show has been extended till late Wednesday. If you’re in the Toronto area, you can check it out at the Narwhal Art Projects at 680 Queen Street West. For everyone who can’t make it up north, view the pieces and some party pics here.

UPDATE: Here’s Ron Ron discussing “Lovable Badass” on Lopez Tonight on Wed., Dec. 22!