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Mets Fans Fly Flag in Face of Financier Fiasco!

[caps]A[/caps]s you may or may not have heard, the New York Mets organization — a franchise as beloved by its fans as it has been troubled — currently finds itself in quite a pickle. The mood is tense at Citi Field amidst revelations earlier this month that the notorious Bernie Madoff, he of the headline-hogging hoodwink of 2010, had a “wide role in Mets’ finances” according to the New York Times.

To make matters all the worse, the Mets actually made money off of the disastrous Ponzi scheme. (Or, shall we say, Wil-Ponzi Scheme?)

Now the trustee representing Madoff’s victims has brought a lawsuit against the team. One major concern, as reported last week in this Fox Sports story, is the growing fear that fans may start to abandon ship over these unsavory allegations.

[quotes]The explosive lawsuit, unsealed last week, alleges that the Mets’ owners — through companies, including Sterling Equities — ignored warnings about Madoff’s fraud, earning them $300 million in ill-gotten gains over the years.[/quotes]

Enter a gang of intrepid, anonymous Mets fans who are striving to find new ways to show support for their team in the face of these reports of bad behavior on the part of team ownership. In an exclusive, late-night conversation with your TTH editors, these mysterious Mets fans explained the motivations behind their new t-shirts. “As die-hard Mets fans, we have been disturbed by the negative press attention from the Madoff Affair. We wanted to restore dignity to our troubled franchise. So we made t-shirts.”

These shirts are classically New York and classically Mets, simultaneously flipping the bird at team ownership and showing the support they can’t ever shake, even in this shitstorm. Get one of your own right here.