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New Year’s Extravaganza:
High Octane Edutainment, Sparkler Sipping

Take the Handle’s New Years Extravaganza was a raging ring-in for the newest year we’ve ever seen. We fit exactly 2008 people into off-the-books party space, The Red Door in Chelsea. Then at midnight we let in one more person: Dr. McLoudy to distribute his celebratory Sparkler Drinks. The Subjects, The End of the World, and The Dig rocked the champagne out of the pulsating masses.

Below is the video of the post-countdown “Auld Lang Syne” played by an incestuous grouping of all three bands. Recognize someone in a hot picture? Post a comment with their name and social security number. Got your own pictures of the TTH Extravaganza? Two words: Picture Comments!