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School of Hard Knox
Officially Out of Session

Upon returning from a trip to Italy during which he gathered information for his Rolling Stone piece on the Amanda Knox trial, TTH contributor Nathaniel Rich was convinced the American studying abroad had played no part in her roommate’s murder. In his reaction to her overturned verdict, Rich points out that while many have maligned Italy’s legal system over the course of this trial, Knox in fact may be quite lucky to have been tried there.

On, he writes:
[quotes]In the United States, an appeal can only address issues of law, not of fact, providing limited opportunities for a reversal of the original ruling. In Italy, the appeal is a full do-over. Witnesses are hauled back to the stand, judgments of opinion are freely questioned by the appeals judge and, most crucially, evidence is re-examined.[/quotes]

One can only imagine the life that now awaits Knox here in America. She is certain to be simultaneously celebrated, fetishized, abhorred, and mocked — the combination of which just might add up to a new breed of celebrity, the likes of which we’ve never seen. She may somehow find a way to slip into anonymity in some rural Washington town, shocked into seclusion after seeing the results of her attempts to put herself out into the world. Either that or TMZ is signing the lease on their brand-new Washington state headquarters as we speak.