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Synthly the Best: Pino Donaggio

Giuseppe “Pino” Donaggio has come a long way from his days of performing classical music in his homeland of Italy. To some he may be best known for composing the romantic number, “Io Che Non Vivo (Senza Te).” This heart-wrenching tune became a commercial success after bringing Dusty Springfield to tears, which led to her decision to record her own version of the song. Springfield’s interpretation, which changed the title to “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me,” went on to be covered by such greats as Elvis Presley and Cher. However, it is Donaggio’s later work that has landed him in Synthly the Best.

His talent for combining classical music with synth-pop makes the perfect recipe for seducing a woman and can be heard soundtracking several suspenseful horror films. It’s no surprise that one might feel the urge to cuddle while watching a Brian De Palma film, as chances are Donaggio — the master of melting hearts, himself — most likely scored it.

My personal favorite of his is the theme from Body Double:

Body Double also looms large here at TTH as it is the film responsible for the coolest trailer of all time: