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The People’s Microphone

The other night I was circling the edge of Zuccotti Park when I began to hear a large group of people speaking loudly, in synchrony. I was baffled as to who at the Occupy Wall Street protest was responsible for this stirring set of simultaneous sounds, until one of the friendly protesters explained to me that the use of megaphones was not allowed in the park.
This ban on voice amplification of any kind presents the potential problem of speeches being audible only to the people directly surrounding the speaker. However, this attempt to quiet the masses has backfired, as all protesters within earshot of any given speaker have taken to repeating what he or she is saying verbatim, in unison. This unity creates an echo far more gripping than any sound a megaphone could generate. As I stood there watching this phenomenon of human ingenuity, I couldn’t help but feel that I was truly listening to the voices of the people.