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Top 5 Weirdest “Top 10” Lists of 2010

[caps]A[/caps]s your first stop for third-hand journalism, Take the Handle waded through the sea of Top Ten Lists and found not the best, not the worst, but the five weirdest lists of the year.

  • 5. Japanese Search Engine Goo compiled a list of “Top Ten Actors With Piercing Eyes
    I can’t say I keep up with the Japanese film industry but looking at the pictures of the guys on this list I feel like Guy Pierced.
  • 4. The Jewish Journal’sTop Ten Anti-Semitic Slurs of 2010.”
    I can’t believe Mel Gibson didn’t make this list. He must be so disappointed.
  • 3. Psych Central’sTop Ten Depression Blogs of 2010
    “The good (and bad) news about blogging about depression in 2010 is that there‚Äôs less of it…”
  • 2. Rhino Conservation’sTop Ten Rhino Stories of 2010
    Spoiler: #4 involves Elle McPherson’s controversial rhino horn comments.
  • 1. Cryptomundo’sTop Ten List: Children of Cryptozoology 2010.”
    So heartwarming that these children are carrying on their parent’s obsessions with Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster.