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Under Your Skin:
My Mouse is Dead

With Alexandra Roth off the grid in the southern Appalachians, tech columnist Tret Lo fills in to discuss a morbid meeting of taxidermy and technology.

How-to blog Instructables has a feature about how to make a mouse for your computer using a gutted miniature USB mouse and a gutted mouse from your family’s mousetrap. The tutorial left me a bit speechless but there are hundreds of commenters who are still debating the ethics of this peculiar project, here are a few examples:

electricpromotions said:
How would you feel if I slit you open and used you as my remote control to my television? (not that I would ever do something so “VILE”)

Masowai said:
if you have any problems with this project feeding the USB wire through the anus of the mouse feel free to email me. 🙂

victus_maestro said:
I don’t care what happens to my body when I’m dead. I would rather be something cool than just rot in the ground.

taxidermy mouse used for computer mouse