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Choose Your Own Badvoovie

[caps]W[/caps]hile other apps aim for a global market, this series of apps are an advertisement for “Sacramento’s best Moroccan restaurant”, a joint called Marrakech. The name Advoovie is an awkward combination of the words “adventure” and “movie” so called because users watch short movies then choose from three options to direct where the adventure should go next. (more…)

Barnyard Sex Jokes App Is Decidedly Not For Kids

[caps]A[/caps]s a result of writing this column for a few months, my iPad is brimming with questionable apps which somehow subverted the App Store’s policy against sex and profanity. I keep them all in folders so that friends or relatives don’t stumble upon these troubling apps when they’re playing games or looking up a recipe on my iPad. One app that I downloaded recently called Crazy Animal World was not filed in the “offensive” folder but it really should have been. It’s a dangerous case of misleading marketing and I really hope that parents don’t mistakenly download it for their kids hoping to see some funny talking animals. (more…)

I Was Licked by A Zombie

[caps]L[/caps]ike the front aisle of every drug store, Halloween has the app Store brimming with empty calories and useless junk. There are apps to help you choose a costume, count down the days until Halloween, make scary sounds, even test your saliva for too much candy. (more…)

Color Me Bad: A Look at “ColorTexting”

[caps]F[/caps]or those who enjoy using the funny emoticons and array of text color choices in Gmail’s rich text editor to add a tween-age vibe to their conversations, it can be limiting to return to the iPhone’s native texting app, where all the text is black and the speech bubbles are just green and white. Enter ColorTexting, the new app which promises to let you send texts in color.

Wha You Say? A Lil’ Wayne App Teardown

[caps]L[/caps]il Wayne’s Tha Carter IV is poised to sell 1 million copies in its first week and although he probably gets no kick-backs from any of it, the rapper has spawned a cottage industry of useless apps. (more…)

How to Crack Up Your Friends’ Gadgets

[caps]I[/caps] don’t know about you but i drop my iPhone several times per day. Companions are usually concerned when my phone flies out of my hand and slides under a parked car but my attitude is always: “I drop this phone all the time, the case will surely protect it.” (more…)

In Case You Are Not Naked:
“Sex Time” Now in the App Store

[caps]D[/caps]espite Apple’s ban on pornography in the App Store, there are dozens of Apps which exist in the strip-club-parking-lot gray area of sexual suggestiveness, proudly displaying their 17+ rating. The most recent addition to the field which includes Spin the Bottle 18+ and iKamasutra is simply called Sex Time. (more…)

Hacker Typer Makes You Look like the Hacker Type

[caps]E[/caps]ven though the iPad has been out for 18 months I still occasionally find myself sitting in a rural airport or cattle auction where its glossy coating and lack of clear purpose draws stares from the locals. I’ve found that nothing is better at confirming their view of me as an over-teched outsider than firing up the app “Hacker Typer.” (more…)